born 1969 

in the Rhineland


Classical massage courses and Pytho-instruction (by K. Kraemer) in the "Heilehaus e.V.", Berlin


Three-year course for medical practitioners in the "Selbstverwalteten Heilpraktikerschule / Verein zur Förderung der Naturheilkunde" with an emphasis on traditional Chinese medicine / classic acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, dietetics (Gerlinde Härtter, Sibylle van Luijk, Stefan Raaz), Qi Gong (Ulla Blum) and Western Herbal medicine (Doris Shadow).


Permission for practice of medicine (TCM practitioner) through the Health Office in Berlin


Begin of work in "Praxis in der Remise", Berlin

Training in "AGTCM e.V." with Francois Ramakers (classic acupuncture, western herbs) and with Eva Mosheim-Heinrich (western herbs according to TCM-Criteria)


Two-year Diploma training in Tuina - Chinese manual therapy with Annette Jonas (HH)


Instructor activity (TCM, Tuina, naturopathy) at several community colleges, Assistant and Lectrer at the AGTCM about Tuina


Training in pediatrics with Ruthild Schuze, Siglinde Wilz und Zhao-Seiler (acupunkture, westlern und chin. herbs, Xiao Er Tuina)

3 Week-Study tour, hospitation and work in the Guanxi Traditional Chinese Medical University in Nanning, Guanxi (South China) with the emphasis on Tuina (Prof. Duan Wenkui; Prof. Wei Guikang, etc.), chiropractic (Prof. Zhou Xuelong), Xiao Er Tuina ana acupuncture

Visit and study in the clinic of Dr. Wang Ju-Yi, Beijing
further education in channel palpation with Dr. Wang Ju-Yi and Jason D. Robertson in Offenbach

Annual attendance at the Congress of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the AGTCM in Rothenburg o.d.T. with the emphasis on Tuina (Gordon Faulkner, Rolf Rothe, Heike Wiedemann, Annette Jonas), Gua Sha (Arya Nielson), Moxibustion (Heping Yuan), QiGong (Li Jiacheng), acupuncture, etc.
Co-organizer and Instructor of the Tuina Day on the TCM-congress of AGTCM e.V. in Rothenburg


Half-year training with Ulla Blum in (medical) QiGong by Prof.Jiao, Berlin

2007 - 2014 

trainings in Tai Ji Tuina with Ken Rose
study visits and hospitation with Ken Rose in the Three-Springs Institut and clinic, Mendocino, California


training "Teaching from the roots - deepen the roots of your practice" with Elizabeth Rocha de valle and ken Rose from the Three-Springs Institut, at International Lectures, Netherland


three-week study tour of the AGTCM, hospitation and work in the clinic of the Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the emphasis on Tuina (Dr. Xiong Xueqiong, Dr. Wu Zuolian, etc.), Tai Ji Chu Zhen pestle needles (Dr. Zhong Lei), acupuncture (Dr. Yang Iijie, Dr. Ma Tingting, etc.)


further experience, training and teaching:


Ambulant work and assistance with physically-disabled people


Examination for teachers and teaching in Shinson Hapkido Movement Art and Health Training


Shinson Hapkido teacher for children and youngsters (build various children´s and youth training groups, exercise, anti-violance and coooperation training in schools and in boy work, together with "Dreist e.V.", FIPP e.V.", etc.; Congresses and Conferences to the topic "Budopädagogik", Mißbrauch an Kindern")


based training for dance and movement therapist with "DGT e.V."