On this page you will find a lot of interesting information about my therapeutic clinic of Chinese Medicine and Tuina, the massage therapy of the Chinese. I wish you much fun with this and would be happy about your more far-reaching interest.


Axel Does           health practitioner

                          Tuina - Acupuncture - Healing movement - Herbs - Nourishment


Clinic                  Praxis in der Remise

                          Ohlauerstr. 10

                          10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg

                          0176/243 765 75



Member              Arbeitsgemeinschaft der klassischen Akupunktur 

                          und traditionellen chinesischen Medizin (AGTCM e.V.)


                          Internationale Shinson Hapkido Association (ISHA e.V.)


                          Deutsche Gesellschaft für Tanztherapie (DGT e.V.)