Medicinal herbs and nourishment

草药 Cǎoyào - healing with herbs (phytotherapy)


The knowlegde of European medicinal plants is very old. Herbs have always been taken for healing purposes. Whether boiled samples, teas, tinctures, baths or requirements, the power of nature can be used therapeutically in various applications.


The classification of this medical knowledge according to the criteria of Chinese medicine is still a relatively young research. Based on the plant and effect descriptions in the ancient european herbal classics and the overall impression (signature) by shape, enviroment, etc. Western medicinal plants are clssified by their energy and associated with the TCM disharmony patterns.



食疗 Shíliáo - healing through nutrition (dietetics)

The way of our eating effects direcly our being. Not only the quality of our food is significant, but also the circumstances of our food intake.


Dietetics is the study of nutrition in Chinese medicine. It judges and ranks all foods and their preparation for their energetic effect on the human body. In an advisory, the dietary habits are discussed and recommendations are suggested, so that less supportive behaviors are replaced with healthier ones.


Food can also be used (e.g.: in the spring, etc.) therapeutically. The goal is not to limit by prohibitions or rigid control food intake, but to let it return to a source of vitality, sensuality and regeneration.