Healing movement

導引 Dǎo yǐn - lead and stretch


Healing movements are exercises, which balance and strengthen the body, breathing and heart/mind. They aim on generally improving qi circulation in certain body areas. From head to toe, all parts of the body can naturally be moved and loosened. With deep and conscious breathing and attention that is directed not only outward but inward, the body regulates and its strengthens. Breath and spirit are free and easy.


These exercises can be done slowly and meditatively as a therapeutic exercise along with self-massage. They have their orgins in the Taoist tradition of life care 養生 Yǎngshēng. In its best-known forms, it is practiced in China as 气功 Qìgōng and 太极拳 Tàijí quán, carried out in Indien as Yoga and in Korea as Ki Do In. In the naturopathic practice, they are shown to the patient and practiced with them, so that they can actively contribute to the healing process. 


In Chinese 武术 Wǔshù and other Asian martial and movement arts (see 신선 합기도 Shinson Hapkido - Korean health training) they are used as fitness training and as a warm up, strretching and relaxation exercises.