四诊 Sì Zhěn - The four examinations


In Chinese medicine several factors are usually considered as a cause for the development of diseas. A differentiated and methodical clinical examination is essential for the detection of correlations. Once there is an imbalance, a too much or too little, one speaks of a "disharmony" which can develop into a "disease".


The Chinese medicine has four diagnostic methods to identify this energetic disharmony. These methods are a mixture of observation and ancient knowledge of experience:



问诊  Wèn Zhěn   - Interrogation (anamnesis)


望诊  Wàng Zhěn - Look (tongue, face, posture test results, etc.)


切诊  Qiè Zhěn    - Palpation (pulse, points, diagnostics of the channels, muscle status etc.)


闻诊  Wén Zhěn  - hearing and smell (language, voice, etc.)




Based on the musculoskeletal system I will  also consult conventional medical imaging and diagnostic procedures, such as radiographs, CT scans and lab results.