Acupuncture and more

针法 Zhēnfǎ - Needling (Acupuncture)




Fine, sterile acupuncture needles are inserted into the vital points on the body surface. Often, sensations of different types (fine drawing, and flowing streams, dull pressure, etc.) is perceived. By certain stimulation of the needle the energy flow is regulated in the channels. Blockages can be dissolved in a deeper level and the entire body moves back into balance, which it has lacked.


灸法 Jiǔfǎ - long burning (moxibustion)



In moxibustion heat is passed in the body and the channels through burning of mugwart (artemisia vulgaris) on vital opints or large areas of skin. Especially in cold conditions or diseases in the winter this Yang energy is perceived as very pleasant, soothing and vitalizing. 


Here are some other external applications:


拔罐 Báguàn pull vessel (cupping massage)


火罐 Huǒguàn vessel fire (fire cupping)


刮痧 Guā Shā scraping till a reddish skin discoloration appears (scraping therapy),

herbal wraps and pavement, medical taping, TDP-lamp